Testimonials from around the world on Sarah Brennan's work

 “Sarah Brennan has taken Asian history and given it an unexpected twist – the great Genghis Khan is represented as a ferocious tiger! Brennan’s rapid rhymes will delight and charm readers of all ages while Harry Harrison’s illustrations are fresh and entertaining as always”

Temujin(high res)

“I now have eight grandchildren. They love me to read to

them. I am sure they will enjoy this story of Pin Yin Panda

and all of her adventures. They will love the pictures too.

Pandas are always so much fun. A terrific book.”

Panda cover

“Sarah Brennan’s work is a meeting between traditional Asian narratives and the universal taste of children for graphic stories. The tale-telling gifts shown in this book, along with the exuberance of the language and rhymes, make them unique in children’s literature.”

Thomas Keneally, author of “Schindler’s Ark’, the Booker Prizewinning novel which was later adapted to Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List”.